Thrilling Features of TubeMate YouTube Video Downloader

TubeMate YouTube Video Downloader is a very beautiful and amazing Android cum PC Application. It is the first Android App that enables fast download speed on low internet speed. You can download High Definition (HD) and the latest 4k videos on your Android phone. There are hundreds of other features of this App which make it the No. 1 choice of smartphone users.

Some of its amazing features are as follows

  • The primary task of TubeMate Apk is to download videos from YouTube and other sources
  • It has got a built in media player where you can play high definition videos of your choice, save them in external or internal memory
  • You can convert a video belonging to any format into Mp3 if you are interested in listening to its audio only.
  • You can download videos of different resolutions ranging from medium to the High definitions and even latest 4k videos. If your device is Full-HD such as Galaxy S2, PC and Galaxy Tab etc., then the resolution for your videos can be up to2. 1920×1080 (Full-HD). For high end devices, it is 1280×720 (HD). For general devices the resolution of videos it supports is 640×360.


  • You can start a download and also listen to the music at the same time.
  • You can download multiple copies in a single time
  • Now you don’t need to worry about download failure. You can pause your video download anytime.
  • TubeMate YouTube Video Downloader installs new updates automatically.
  • It is so far the most successful free video download software.
  • You can download videos from Facebook, Youku, and DailyMotion and from many other HTML5 support video services.
  • The interface of the TubeMate Downloader is brand new halo based.
  • The playlist list feature is brand new with local playback and the better streaming support


  • It is very easy to manage TubeMate with simple drag and drop technique.
  • Its internal Video and music player enables to enjoy music while surfing internet
  • Its powerful search feature helps you in searching files on YouTube in a very quick time. Voice and date search are enabled on the TubeMate
  • Some other major features include Forward button and URL editor support.

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