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On YouTube, you can watch online numerous videos. But, downloading of videos was not easy task for any one. Until, TubeMate YouTube downloader was not introduced. Now, you can download any video from YouTube. But, for doing that you need to download TubeMate YouTube downloader on your mobile. in this article, we will tell you how to download TubeMate YouTube downloader on Xiaomi Note 3 mobile? In addition, you would get to know some amazing features of TubeMate YouTube downloader.

TubeMate YouTube downloader is very easy to access app. not only this, but it is also acquiring very simple interface. When you open TubeMate YouTube downloader for Xiaomi Note 3 mobile and select a video. You will have options to watch it online or to download it. since, you need to download the video.

How to download and run TubeMate in Xiaomi Note 3 mobile:

  • In the first place, you need to download TubeMate YouTube downloader for Xiaomi Note 3 mobile.
  • As downloading procedure completes. Then, you need to open TubeMate YouTube downloader.
  • Then, all you need is to click on “Open YouTube” button. In order to redirect to YouTube.
  • Afterwards, there will be a search box for searching videos. You want to search.
  • And, as the search result will be shown. There will be a red or green download option at the bottom or top of the screen of app respectively.

Tubemate videos mp3 download icons

  • Further, you have to click on download option.
  • Then, you will have line showing “Parsing Video Information”
  • In menu, you will see a few of resolution option over there. And, serval downloading formats will also be available.
  • Then, select the resolution as per your choice. In order to download the videos.
  • The downloading of video will start soon. As, downloading of video completes, you would have a notification.

The quality of audio can be different from original source as it depends on video quality. If video quality is good; MP3 files audio will also be good. TubeMate YouTube downloader for Xiaomi Note 3 will save the converted audio file to the folder of Mp3 or audio files. Or you can save wherever, you want to save. This app is best app for downloading the videos. You can watch videos offline. TubeMate YouTube Downloader is a magnificent application for individuals. Yet, who need to watch their videos.

Available resolutions in TubeMate for Xiaomi Note 3 mobile:

  1. You can have a very high resolution i.e.1920×1080(Full-HD) for your very high resolution screen.
  2. Moreover, you can find videos in 1280×720(HD) for high end devices.
  3. 640×360: for general devices
  4. 320×240: for low end devices
  5. 854×480 (FLV), 640×360: for Android 2.1 and over

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So, download TubeMate YouTube downloader to your Xiaomi Note 3 mobile. And, get all the benefits of this app. furthermore, download videos and create favorite list. And, learn things by video tutorial at any time. Not only downloading. But, TubeMate application will offer you to have an experience of online watching videos and if you are having shortage of space. You can convert it. And, can download in MP3 format.

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We just say you to try it once. Its free. And we bet you won't regret your decision.