No matter if TubeMate 2.4.4 APK is an old version of this app. Because it’s still a well featured and neat app for downloading videos from YouTube. Lots of people are using this app and enjoying the smooth functionality of the app. Download and use this application for downloading your favorite videos.

About TubeMate 2.4.4 android APK

Although, Tubemate 2.4.4 is a previous version of TubeMate YouTube downloader app for android devices. In spite of this, it has many useful and attractive features. When Devian tubemate first unveiled the TubeMate app, then it was a best step for all YouTube lovers. Now they could download the YouTube videos as well. After that the app acquired many new and latest features. Such additions enhanced the capabilities of the app. Moreover, if you are looking for the TubeMate 2.4.4 APK to download, then you can download it easily from this page.

Features of Tubemate App

  • In the TubeMate 2.4.4 Version you no more face annoying ads. So, you can easily download the videos without an interruption of internet ads. Although there are some ads but they don’t make user bored.
  • With this version, you can easily download favorite videos from many other popular sites like Vimeo, Dailymotion, Naver, LeTV etc.
  • The beautiful design and material of the app will attract you. It’s an ad free and a Modded app which was Modded by
  • Using the efficient search tool of Tubemate 2.4.4, it’s easy to find out your favorite videos from many websites.
  • The app provides you an easy and neat interface, which makes it an easy to operate app. It’s so easy that even a child can download a video using this app.

  • Considering the space on your SD card you can choose your own location for downloading videos. Although you can see that the default location for all your downloads is your memory card. However, it’s easy to change this location anytime using the settings of the app.
  • This app provides you to choose from different file formats for downloading videos. Download videos in file formats like MP4, FLV etc.
  • Apart from these functionalities it enables you to download a video in audio formats. Further download videos in popular formats such as Mp3 or AAC. In case you have a slower net connection download videos in AAC format.

MP4 , MP3 and FLV format in tubemate

  • The app is extended with new feature of downloading multiple videos running in background.
  • In case your download stops due to internet connection then using resume download support download the video from that point.
  • This app can become a good substitute for the YouTube as you can also watch videos on this app. Also, access your YouTube account using this app.
  • Choose from the available resolutions for downloading videos in your preferred resolution. Though, it depends on your device, but you can choose any resolutions on the basis of your device.
  • With its fast downloading technology, it’s very convenient and fast to download a video on your device.

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